Anhui Suqi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock company, its principals have many years of fine chemical products, particularly pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates and pharmaceutical raw materials aspects of the development......
Anhui Suqi Chemcial Co., Ltd. is a private-owned enterprise.
The main employees have years’ of experience in fine chemical
products especially in pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates’
production, development and sales. It mainly produces
pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The
company was registered in May 2009. The pure capital can be 12 million yuan and the total capital can be 22 million yuan. At present, the number of employees can be more than 80 and 20 of them have college degree...<More...>
ADD:Dongzhi Xiangyu Chemical Park, Chizhou, Anhui Province, China
Contact:Pan Keshun  +86-13309691555
Phthalimide ≥98%
Dichloroethane ≥99.9%
2-methyl-pyridine ≥99.9%
Aminoethane hydrochloride, content 98.5%,moisture5%

Product name:N-carboxy-anthranilic
Molecular Formula:C8H5NO3
Molecular Weight:163.13
Product name:
pyrocatechol monoethyl ether

EINECS NO.:202-358-5
Molecular Formula:C8H10O2

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