ADD:Dongzhi Xiangyu Chemical Park, Chizhou, Anhui Province, China 247260
  Contact:Pan Keshun
Anhui Suqi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private joint-stock company, its principals have many years of fine chemical products, particularly pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates and pharmaceutical raw materials aspects of the development, production, marketing experience, the main raw material medicine production medicine and pesticide. I have strong technical force, now has more than 70 workers. We always give top priority to technological innovation
The recruitment conditions
1, observe the Constitution and laws, good conduct;
2, with general vocational schools and higher education
3, good health and meet the specific requirements of job recruitment.
The recruitment policy advice
Contact: Xia Chuan-Bao
Address:Dongzhi Xiangyu Chemical Park, Chizhou, Anhui Province, China
Tel: +86-566-8171103
Mobile: (0) 13695668311
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