ADD:Dongzhi Xiangyu Chemical Park, Chizhou, Anhui Province, China 247260
  Contact:Pan Keshun
Anhui Suqi Chemcial Co., Ltd. is a private-owned enterprise. The main employees have years’ of experience in fine chemical products especially in pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates’ production, development and sales. It mainly produces pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The company was registered in May 2009. The pure capital can be 12 million yuan and the total capital can be 22 million yuan. At present, the number of employees can be more than 80 and 20 of them have college degree. The company takes S&T innovation as the first place with strong R&D team. It has built cooperation with various famous collages with rich R$D results.

The company is located in Dongzhi Xiangyu Chemical Park Zone in Anhui Province. It was approved by the government in February 2006. It is one of the 84 provincial development zones. The main industrial direction is coal chemical, nitrate series, fine chemicals and chemical new materials.

The planned are is 20 square meters and the nearly planned area can be 10 square meters. It has built 3 square meters and the built area can be 2.5 square meters. The main products are Nitric acid, ammonia, medicine and pesticide intermediates and other fine chemical products.

The transportation is convenient and there is special harbor in Yangtze River. The under building railway is near to the south of the chemical park. It is near to Anqing Yangtze River, Yanjiang Highway, Donggang Highway and so on.

The chemical park is rich in chemical resources. Many chemical companies can provide primary chemical raw materials.

The production base in Dongzhi Chemical Park can be 20 aches. There are two periods and the total investment can be 35 million yuan. At present, the first period project is 500 tons / year isopropyl o-formyl-amino-N-methyl aniline and the total investment can be 17 million yuan and the fixed assets can be 11 million yuan, total building area can be 5,000 square meters; the second period project is 500 tons / year of 2,6 - dichloro-quinoxaline project. The total investment can be 19 million yuan and the fixed assets can be 9 million yuan and the total building area can be 5,000 square meters.
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